itwêwina is an intelligent Plains Cree — English dictionary combining the lexical content of Prof. Arok Wolvengrey’s dictionary nêhiyawêwin : itwêwina / Cree : Words , the Maskwacîs Cree Dictionary, the Alberta Elders’ Cree Dictionary, and our computational FST model, allowing you to search with inflected forms of Plains Cree Words, as well as see comphrensive word form declensions/conjugations (paradigms). In addition, itwêwina contains an ever-increasing amount of Cree words spoken by multiple first-language Cree speakers from Maskwacîs, Alberta, collected in the joint community-university project: nêhiyawi-pîkiskwêwina maskwacîsihk – Spoken Dictionary of Maskwacîs Cree.

To get you started, we have put together a few short tutorials below to guide you through the different features that the new itwêwina offers. You can view the videos below, or you can view the whole playlist on Youtube.  Alternatively, if you are feeling adventurous, you can jump right in and explore itwêwina on your own.

Once you have spent some time using the site, we would love to hear what you think about itwêwina! We have provided a form below for you to give us feedback or report any glitches.

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We have put together a reporting form that you can use to report Bugs or issues, offer suggestions for future feature additions, improvements, or give general feedback comments.

Note: You can only report one issue at a time, so you will need to submit a separate report for each bug/issue you may find.   You can submit this form as many times as you need.

We have also put together some Instructions for beta testing and providing feedback in case you want some suggestions on how to help us improve the site. 

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Legacy itwêwina

The older legacy version of itwêwina is no longer available.  The newest update to itwêwina supports full-length paradigms and implements click-in text functionality, but does not integrate our Indigenous Language Text Collection (Korp).